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Author: Nils L. Westhausen
(c) TGM @ Jade Hochschule (MIT license).
Version: 0.8.0 08.05.15
0.9.0 28.05.15 wav_read changed to wav_read
wav_write changed to wav_write
This script searches for .m files in your cwd and its
subfolders and tries to find and replace wavwrite and wavread with
wav_write and wav_read commands.
There is a log-file created in your cwd with all changes.
Please only use it if you know what your're doing.
It is recommended to make an backup of the files you want to change.
import re
import os
import glob
import time
def searching_file_name_exeption(file_path):
Returns True if there is a needed file in file_path
in: file_patch (list)
out: boolean
exceptions = ['wav_read.m', 'wav_readTest.m', 'wav_write.m',\
#found_exeption = False
for exept in exceptions:
for path in file_path:
if exept in path:
return True
return False
def search_for_m ():
Searches for .m files in your current working directory
and its subfolders
in: nothing
out: m_files_directories: list of the paths of the .m files
current_path = os.getcwd()
m_files_directories = []
for root, dirnames, filenames in os.walk(current_path):
m_path = glob.glob(root + "/*.m")
if searching_file_name_exeption(m_path):
return m_files_directories,current_path
def generate_logfile (current_path):
Generates log-file
in: cwd
out: log-file as empty string
with open(current_path + '\log_wav_to_audio.txt' , 'a') as log_file:
log_file.write('\nRun on ' + time.strftime('%c') + '\n')
log_file = ''
return log_file
def write_to_logfile (content, current_path):
writing string to log-file
in: content as a string
out: nothing
with open(current_path + '\log_wav_to_audio.txt' , 'a') as log_file:
def is_wav_thing_anywhere(path_m_file):
looks for a wavread or wavwrite in the m-file
in: the path of one m-file
out: boolean True if there is any wav-thing
False if there is none
with open(path_m_file, 'r') as m_file:
content =
if (('wavread' in content) and (not 'wav_read' in content)) or \
(('wavwrite' in content) and (not 'wav_write' in content)):
return True
return False
def is_a_wav_left (new_file, log_file):
looks if wavreads or wavwrites left in the new file
in: new_file (processed content as string)
log_file (string)
out: log_file (string)
new_lines = new_file.split('\n')
wavr_left_line = []
wavw_left_line = []
for idx, new_line in enumerate(new_lines):
if ('wavread' in new_line) and (not 'wav_read' in new_line):
if ('wavwrite' in new_line) and (not 'wav_write' in new_line):
if wavr_left_line != [] :
log_file += (' ' + str(len(wavr_left_line)) + \
' wavreads left in line/s:'+ str(wavr_left_line)+'\n')
if wavw_left_line != [] :
log_file += (' ' + str(len(wavw_left_line)) + \
' wavwrites left in line/s:' + str(wavw_left_line)+'\n')
return log_file
def replace_new_wav (line):
replaces wavread and wavwrite with the new ones
in: line (string)
out: line (processed line as string)
if ('wav_write' in line) or ('wav_read' in line):
return line
line = re.sub(r'wavread', r'wav_read', line)
line = re.sub(r'wavwrite', r'wav_write', line)
return line
def processing_files (file_list, log_file):
parser for all the work on the m-file, writes lines with change to the
for path_m_file in file_list:
if is_wav_thing_anywhere(path_m_file):
log_file = log_file + '\n'
log_file = log_file + ' File: ' + path_m_file + '\n'
with open(path_m_file, 'r') as m_file:
content = m_file.readlines()
new_file = ''
for idx,one_line in enumerate(content):
if (one_line == '\n') or (one_line == ''):
new_file = new_file + one_line
one_line_pars = replace_new_wav(one_line)
if one_line != one_line_pars:
log_line = (' line ' + str(idx + 1) + ': ' + one_line)
log_file = log_file + log_line
new_file = new_file + one_line_pars
new_file = new_file + one_line
log_file = is_a_wav_left(new_file, log_file)
with open(path_m_file,'w') as m_file:
return log_file
if __name__ == "__main__":
file_list, cwd = search_for_m()
log_file = generate_logfile(cwd)
log_file = processing_files(file_list, log_file)
write_to_logfile(log_file, cwd)
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