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AFC is a powerful Toolbox for Mathworks MATLAB. AFC is an entirely free configurable, 
alternative-forced choice procedure. The configuration of the procedure is highly flexible
and thus suited for development as well as research projects.
Stimulus generation and/or processing is digital using standard MATLAB commands. 
The Software does not require sophisticated hardware und programing knowledge.
All measurements are configurable using standard MATLAB scripting.
The signal output only requires a standard Windows sound device and is also working on 
transportable units like laptop computers.
The procedure also offers the possibility to invoke a MATLAB scripted model instead of a human
subject in order to retrieve responses. This allows the user to use exactly the same experiment
configuration and procedure in data collection and model simulations. 


Free configurable n-Intervall m-Alernative-Forced Choice procedure
Adaptive transformed n-up m-down rule
Method of constant stimuli
Random and fixed presentation order
Interleaved parameter measurement
MATLAB-scripting for stimulus generation and processing, as well as for the response window
Interface to MATLAB scripted model (examples included)
No additional MATLAB toolboxes required
24/32-bit sound output using snd_pc (c) Torsten Marquardt (GNU GPL) 
24/32-bit sound output, continuous signal presentation and advanced features using soundmex/soundmexpro (c) Hoerzentrum Oldenburg


Mathworks MATLAB 5.3 or higher
Microsoft Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7/8; MAC OSX, Linux
Sound device
Intel Pentium III 450, 256 MB RAM


AFC Copyright (c) 1999 - 2014 Stephan Ewert. All rights reserved.

The Software is based on earlier versions of AFC/SIM/PSY developed since 1999 by Stephan Ewert.
AFC 0.93X and SIM 0.91 were partly developed while Stephan Ewert was working
in the Medizinische Physik at the Universiät Oldenburg, Germany.
PSY was developed while Stephan Ewert was visiting scientist at MIT, Cambridge, USA.
Major development steps where achieved while Stephan Ewert was at the Centre for Applied Hearing Research
at the Technical University of Denmark.

This software package may be used in combination with software technology 
licensed to the Universität Oldenburg and the Hoerzentrum Oldenburg GmBH. 
These and all other copyrights are the property of their respective owners.

SND_PC Copyright (c) Torsten Marquardt (GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENCE).
SOUNDMEX(PRO) Copyright (c) 2001 - 2013 Daniel Berg, Hoerzentrum Oldenburg GmBH.
MATLAB Copyright (c) The Mathworks, Inc.
MICROSOFT and WINDOWS XX are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.


I'd like to thank all the people that beta tested earlier versions of the Software, pointed
me out to bugs or made suggestions for improvements. In particular,

Torsten Dau and Andy Oxenham	- for the confidence to use my first "one-weekend version" even before I used it 
Andy Oxenham			- for several valuable suggestions
Joerg Damaschke			- for suggestions and discussion on features
Ralph Peter Derleth		- for improvements of the initial version of SIM procedure
Oliver Fobel (geb. Wegner)	- for matlab issues/improvements
Jesko Verhey									- for improvements (afc_show)
Thomas Ulrich Christiansen      - for danisch message translation
Christian Fuellgrabe            - for french message translation
Daniel Berg (Hoertech)          - for continued support with soundMexPro
Darren Reed											- for suggestions on the documentation