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function [totalarea ca] = cont_area(C,Xgrid,Ygrid,Z_group)
%cont_area Calculates area inside conture lines
% Extract the x- and y-locations from the contour matrix C.
ca.xL = C(1, :);
ca.yL = C(2, :);
% Interpolate on the first surface to find z-locations for the intersection
% line.
ca.zL = interp2(Xgrid, Ygrid, Z_group, ca.xL, ca.yL);
%find curves
n(1) = 1; %n: indices where the certain curves start
d(1) = C(2,1); %d: distance to the next index
ii = 1;
while true
n(ii+1) = n(ii)+d(ii)+1; %calculate index of next startpoint
if n(ii+1) > numel(ca.xL) %breaking condition
n(end) = []; %delete breaking point
d(ii+1) = ca.yL(n(ii+1)); %get next distance
ii = ii+1;
%which contourlevel to calculate?
value = 0; %must be member of clevels
sel = find(ismember(ca.xL(n),value));
idx = n(sel); %indices belonging to choice
L = ca.yL( n(sel) ); %length of curve array
% calculate area and plot all contours of the same level
for ii = 1:numel(idx)
x{ii} = ca.xL(idx(ii)+1:idx(ii)+L(ii));
y{ii} = ca.yL(idx(ii)+1:idx(ii)+L(ii));
%partial areas of all contours of the same plot
areas(ii) = polyarea(x{ii},y{ii});
% calculate total area of all contours of same level
totalarea = sum(areas);
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