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XC Installation process complete and documented

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21.03.19 - XC Installation process complete and documented
11.03.19 - MPSoC build scripts added
07.03.19 - Cross compiler build scripts added
= Introduction =
The script downloads, builds and installs all cross compilers needed for our MPSoC Systems.
This process is split into several steps.
The scripts creates a temporary directory at ~/.bstemp which is used for the build process of the compilers.
After each step, a files gets stored at this directory with the file extension ".flag".
The existing of such a file signals the script, that the corresponding step was successfully completed.
When a later process fails, the script can be restarted and it will skip all previous steps and tries to restart the failed step directly.
If you want to rerun a successful step, just remove that file.
The temporary directory can be removed after all compilers were successfully installed.
The compilers for the following architectures will be installed:
* MicroBlaze (litte endian)
* ARM (Cortex A9)
= Using the script =
The script does most of the work automatically.
Never the less there are some manual steps that are explained in the following subsections.
== Create Installation directory ==
# As root, replace $USER with your user name
mkdir /opt/mbxc && chown $USER:$USER /opt/mbxc
mkdir /opt/armxc && chown $USER:$USER /opt/armxc
== Install dependencies ==
Install at least the following packages.
When the build process fails, install the missing packages as well.
== Execute the script ==
# As user!
# Most of the steps take a long time, up to multiple hours!
== Update the PATH variable ==
To be able to execute the compilers, there installation path must be added to the PATH variable.
To make this automatically, copy the script to /etc/profile.d and make it executable:
# As root
cp resources/ /etc/profile.d/.
chmod +x /etc/profile.d/
export PATH="$PATH:/opt/mbxc:/opt/armxc"
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