Commit 96407db1 authored by Ralf Stemmer's avatar Ralf Stemmer
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MakeBuildScriptArchive is deprecated

parent 60c947f2
#!/usr/bin/env bash
echo -e "\e[1;31;40m These scripts are deprecated! \e[0m"
cd ./src
tar -cf ../BuildScripts.tar *
cd ..
......@@ -2,7 +2,17 @@
This repository contains build and automation scripts I use for my research.
The `` script installs a MicroBlaze and an ARM cross compiler for bare metal application.
See the `docs` directory for a detailed description of this script.
**The `` is deprecated and got replaced by new scripts.**
The new scripts will be uploaded as soon as they are easy to handle (for other than the developer).
The `` creates an archive (.tar.gz) with a set of build scripts.
This archive must be extracted inside the workspace directory it shall be used.
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