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......@@ -41,7 +41,31 @@ public interface ObservationSupplier extends Supplier<Observation>, AutoCloseabl
* Retrieve meta information for this supply of observations.
* <p>
* Possible keys are, source.timestamp, etl.strategy
* Possible keys are, source.timestamp, etl.strategy, order.grouped, order.sorted
* <dl>
* <dt></dt>
* <dd>ID for the source which provides the observations
* <dt>source.timestamp</dt>
* <dd>Timestamp when the source data was extracted/downloaded/queried</dd>
* <dt>etl.strategy</dt>
* <dd>Strategy how to handle imported data.
* {@code replace-source} will drop any previous imports
* with the same {@code}, {@code replace-visit} will
* delete any previous data with the same patient+visit combination.
* </dd>
* <dt>order.grouped</dt>
* <dd>If set to true, guarantees that all facts belonging to the same
* patient+visit combination are provided en bloc.
* </dd>
* <dt>order.sorted</dt>
* <dd>If set to true, guarantees that all facts within the same
* patient+visit combination occur in ascending order of start timestamp.
* </dd>
* </dl>
* @param key meta key
* @return value for the meta key
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