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Copyright 2013 R.W.Majeed
This product includes software developed at
The Apache Software Foundation (
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<name>Apache License, Version 2.0</name>
<comments>A business-friendly OSS license</comments>
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HIStream Architecture
Raphael W. Majeed
TODO: describe architecture. Draw diagram.
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Eclipse Setup
If errors are displayed in the Project Explorer panel or Problems panel:
1. Try to rebuild all projects in eclipse: Project / Clean.. / Clean all projects
2. Try to synchronize the Eclipse projects with the file system. Click on each project and then press F5.
3. Try to reload the plugin target platform: Window / Preferences... and then Plug-in development / Target Platform.
Make sure that your equinox installation is selected (NOT Running Platform). Then press Reload...
See also: Setting up the Equinox target platform in Eclipse.
Setting up the Equinox target platform in Eclipse
You need the Eclipse Java edition (?).
1. In the main menu, select Window / Preferences...
2. Go to Plug-in Development / Target Platform. Press Add..
3. Initialize the target definition with Nothing. Press Next and enter a Name. E.g. Equinox-OSGi
4. On the Location tab press Add.. and specify a directory or an installation containing the Equinox files you downloaded.
Developer Resources
TODO: write plugin developer guid
TODO: example plugin
TODO: link architecture
Raphael W. Majeed
This is the documentation for HIStream.
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HIStream Roadmap
Raphael W. Majeed
Version 0.9.x
* Working i2b2oracle connector to insert content into i2b2.
* Sample HL7 messages and GUI tool to send messages.
* HL7 message filters. Configurable through xml file / configuration admin
Version 1.0.x
* Easy setup. Wizard to create database tables (eg. karaf-command line based and gui based: histream:setup)
* Notification plugin (e-mail, file). Taking user-id from fact.provider_id, loading email adresses / user information from UserAdmin.
* Inference engine (generating new facts from inference rules)
* Query tool (can use inference engine)
* Publicly accessible maven repository + Karaf feature descriptors
Version 1.1.x
* Ontology support (OWL+SKOS) via Apache Jena
Version 1.2.x
Version 2.0.x
* full support for current i2b2 web client (without admin)
* i2b2 ontology
* i2b2 query tool
Version 2.1.x
* LDAP user authentication + groups/roles
Version 2.2.x
* Fine grained access control for queries on data. Users can be limited to specific providers and locations.
Version 3.x.x
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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<project xmlns=""
<menu name="Overview">
<item name="Introduction" href="index.html"/>
<item name="Roadmap" href="roadmap.html"/>
<item name="Developer Resources" href="dev/index.html" collapse="true">
<item name="System Architecture" href="dev/architecture.html"/>
<item name="Source documentation" href="./apidocs/index.html"/>
<item name="Goals" href="plugin-info.html"/>
<item name="Usage" href="usage.html"/>
<item name="FAQ" href="faq.html"/>
<item name="Migrate" href="migrate.html"/>
<item name="Maven 3" href="maven-3.html"/>-->
<menu ref="modules" />
<menu ref="parent" />
<menu ref="reports" />
<menu name="Examples">
<item name="Creating Content" href="/examples/creating-content.html"/>
<item name="Configuring the Site Descriptor" href="/examples/sitedescriptor.html"/>
<item name="Building a multi-module site" href="/examples/multimodule.html"/>
<item name="Configuring Reports" href="/examples/configuring-reports.html"/>
<item name="Configuring Site Run" href="/examples/siterun.html"/>
<item name="Adding a Protocol to Deploy the Site" href="/examples/adding-deploy-protocol.html"/>
<item name="Changing the Template File" href="/examples/templatefile.html"/>
<item name="Creating Skins" href="/examples/creatingskins.html"/>
<item name="Excluding Document Formats" href="/examples/moduleexcludes.html"/>
<item name="Deploying to" href="/examples/"/>
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