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allow widetable immplementations without patient id column. in these cases,...

allow widetable immplementations without patient id column. in these cases, only visit id is used for matching
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......@@ -251,7 +251,10 @@ public class FactGroupingQueue implements Supplier<Observation>{
continue; // index will now point to next table
}else if( row.getPatientId().equals(currentPatient.getPatientId()) && compareWithNulls(row.getVisitId(), currentVisitId) == 0 ){
}if( (row.getPatientId() == null || row.getPatientId().equals(currentPatient.getPatientId())) && compareWithNulls(row.getVisitId(), currentVisitId) == 0 ){
// if the row does not have a patient id, it is assumed that the visit id is unique and sufficient for matching
// if the row has both patient id and visit id, both are used for matching
// row fits into current group
// prefetch next row
......@@ -24,13 +24,15 @@ public class WideTable extends Table<WideRow> implements ConceptTable{
ColumnMap map = new ColumnMap(headers);
if( idat.patientId == null ){
throw new ParseException("datasource/wide-table/idat/patient-id column not specified");
// missing patientId column is allowed. In these cases visitId should be unique for identification
// TODO write INFO message that patient-id is not available and visit-id is used for matching
}else {
if( idat.visitId == null ){
throw new ParseException("datasource/wide-table/idat/visit-id column not specified");
for( Concept c : concepts ){
......@@ -45,8 +47,16 @@ public class WideTable extends Table<WideRow> implements ConceptTable{
public WideRow fillRecord(ColumnMap map, Object[] row, ObservationFactory factory) throws ParseException {
String patid = idat.patientId.valueOf(map, row);
String visit = idat.visitId.valueOf(map, row);
String patid;
if( idat.patientId == null ) {
// if there is no patient id in this table,
// we can get the patient id by lookup by visit
System.out.println("No patient");
patid = null;
}else {
patid = idat.patientId.valueOf(map, row);
WideRow rec = new WideRow(patid,visit);
for( Concept c : concepts ){
Observation o = c.createObservation(patid, visit, factory, map, row);
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