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......@@ -5,12 +5,27 @@ HIStream
Building from source
Build requirements: JDK 8, Maven
Run `mvn clean install`
Run `mvn clean install` to download dependencies and build all sub-modules.
The binary distribution zip files can then be found in distribution/target.
Running HIStream from JAR
java -Djava.util.logging.config.file=target\classes\ -cp target\histream-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar;target\dependency\postgresql-9.4-1201-jdbc41.jar de.sekmi.histream.impl.RunConfiguration
Running HIStream
Import Data into the i2b2 Data Warehouse
Easy way:
1. copy/unzip the binary distribution (or from distribution/target.
2. adjust the database settings in histream.xml
3. To import data into i2b2 run `startup examples/dwh-eav.xml` or `startup examples/dwh-eav.xml`
Import SKOS ontology into i2b2
1. copy/unzip the binary distribution from distribution/target.
The plugins histream-skos and histream-i2b2 are needed.
2. adjust examples/
3. adjust paths to RDF files in example/
4. Run `java -cp "lib\*" de.sekmi.histream.i2b2.OntologyImport de.sekmi.histream.ontology.skos.Store example/ examples/`
......@@ -35,7 +35,7 @@
<!-- Specifies that our binary distribution is a zip package -->
......@@ -21,6 +21,15 @@
......@@ -46,31 +46,15 @@
<property name="project">demo</property>
<property name="nullProvider">LCS-I2B2:PROVIDERS</property>
<!-- needed to parse XML files -->
<plugin class=""/>
<!-- needed to parse flat text files -->
<plugin class=""/>
<plugin class="">
<property name="user">i2b2demodata</property>
<plugin class="de.sekmi.histream.hl7.MLLPListener">
<property name="port">123</property>
</plugin> -->
<!-- Wie kann die Konfiguration benutzt werden, wenn z.B. Dateien von der Kommandozeile
gelesen werden sollen und dann das Programm beendet werden soll?
<!-- source not needed, files are specified at command line -->
<source plugin="de.sekmi.histream.hl7.MLLPListener" />
<source plugin="de.sekmi.histream.impl.SAXObservationProvider" />
<!-- TODO source umbenennen in listener (fuer netzwerkschnittstellen) -->
<destination plugin="de.sekmi.histream.i2b2.I2b2Inserter" />
<!-- kann dateien von Kommandozeile lesen -->
<filehandler type="text/xml" plugin-ref="de.sekmi.histream.hl7.MLLPListener">
<url src="file://....xml" />
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