Commit 6bd0b6b8 authored by MorBoos's avatar MorBoos

split norm

parent e4c1fd4e
......@@ -40,6 +40,14 @@ def get_class_weights(y_mat, smooth_factor=0.):
def rank(arr):
return arr.argsort().argsort()
def split_to_norm_rank(predictions, cols=True, cv=6):
from sklearn.model_selection import KFold
kf = KFold(n_splits=cv)
ranked_predictions = []
for train, test in kf.split(predictions):
ranked_predictions.append(preds_to_norm_rank(predictions[test], cols=cols))
return np.vstack(ranked_predictions)
def preds_to_norm_rank(predictions, cols=True):
all_cols=['toxic', 'severe_toxic', 'obscene', 'threat', 'insult', 'identity_hate']
if cols is None:
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