Commit 2b5f484c authored by mjboos's avatar mjboos


parent 0ac29b2d
......@@ -365,7 +365,8 @@ def do_skopt_hyperparameter_search():
from sklearn.pipeline import Pipeline
from skopt import BayesSearchCV
from import Real, Categorical, Integer
from sklearn.linear_model import LogisticRegression
from sklearn.linear_model import LogisticRegression, LogisticRegressionCV
from sklearn.decomposition import LatentDirichletAllocation, NMF
from sklearn.preprocessing import FunctionTransformer
import lightgbm as lgb
from sklearn.decomposition import PCA
......@@ -380,10 +381,23 @@ def do_skopt_hyperparameter_search():
('pca', FunctionTransformer()),
('model', LogisticRegression())
estimator_topic = Pipeline([
('vectorizer', TfidfVectorizer(**{'strip_accents' : 'unicode', 'max_df':0.95, 'min_df':5, 'max_features' : 100000, 'stop_words' : 'english'})),
('topic_extr', NMF()),
('model', LogisticRegressionCV())])
estimator_tfidf = Pipeline([('tfidf',TfidfVectorizer()),
('model', LogisticRegression())])
# single categorical value of 'model' parameter is
# sets the model class
topic_search = {
'topic_extr__n_components' : Integer(3, 20),
'model' : LogisticRegressionCV()}
topic_gbc_search = {
'topic_extr__n_components' : Integer(3, 20),
'model' : GradientBoostingClassifier(),
'model__n_estimators' : Integer(50,200),
'model__subsample' : Real(0.5,1.0, prior='uniform')}
# 'vectorizer__stop_words' : Categorical(['english', None]),
logreg_search = {
# 'transformer' : Categorical([FunctionTransformer(hlp.col_rank_features), FunctionTransformer()]),
'pca' : Categorical([PCA(), FunctionTransformer()]),
......@@ -431,10 +445,11 @@ def do_skopt_hyperparameter_search():
'char_tfidf' : {'max_features' : 60000, 'analyzer' : 'char', 'sublinear_tf':True, 'ngram_range' : ()}}
model_names = ['finetuned_huge_finetune', 'lightgbm', 'NBSVM2', 'capsule_net', 'shallow_relu_CNN', 'average_model_0', 'lgb_meta']
opt = BayesSearchCV(
[(lgb_search, 50)], cv=6, scoring=roc_auc_scorer, refit=True, n_jobs=1)
clf = evaluate_joint_meta_models_skopt(model_names, MultiOutputClassifier(opt), model_name='lgb_ensembling', flatten=True)
joblib.dump(clf, '../meta_skopt_lgb_ensembling.pkl')
[(topic_search, 2), (topic_gbc_search, 1)], cv=6, scoring=roc_auc_scorer, refit=True, n_jobs=1)
# clf = evaluate_joint_meta_models_skopt(model_names, MultiOutputClassifier(opt), model_name='lgb_ensembling', flatten=True)
clf = skopt_text_search(opt)
joblib.dump(clf, '../topic_model.pkl')
return clf
def skopt_tfidf_char_stack_meta_search(opt, tfidf_args, char_tfidf_args):
......@@ -444,6 +459,12 @@ def skopt_tfidf_char_stack_meta_search(opt, tfidf_args, char_tfidf_args):, train_y)
return clf
def skopt_text_search(opt):
train_text, train_y = pre.load_data()
clf = MultiOutputClassifier(opt), train_y)
return clf
def skopt_meta_search(opt):
_, train_y = pre.load_data()
X = get_meta_features()
......@@ -735,7 +756,25 @@ def average_list_of_lists(list_of_lists):
return new_list
#TODO: fix for flatten=False
#TODO: different stacking structures
# structure 1: (the simplest)
# stack independently for each class with or without meta features
# structure 2: (the flat one)
# stack independently for each class using predictions from all classes from all models
# structure 3: (the hierarchical one)
# like structure 1 but then a final "layer" where predictions are combined again (maybe meta features could be inserted only here)
# structure 4: (messy hierarchical one)
#TODO: wait until single class model is through, then check score and think about if you want to treat it as meta ft or not
#TODO: one attention thingy with embedding and concatenate all of it. for 200 features
#TODO: logreg (later LGB) on earlier "layer" with/without meta features
#TODO: then use these predictions with an LGB later + meta features and see if it improves
def evaluate_joint_meta_models_skopt(model_name_list, clf, model_name='evaluate_gen', meta_features=None, flatten=True, rank=None, save=False):
from sklearn.base import clone
model_name_list = sorted(model_name_list)
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