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parent 43f8e6a1
...@@ -36,17 +36,15 @@ class Rectangle: ...@@ -36,17 +36,15 @@ class Rectangle:
def get_matrix(self): def get_matrix(self):
return self.matrix return self.matrix
def gen_data(): def gen_data(n_samples):
rectangles={0:Rectangle(0,0,2,2), rectangles={0:Rectangle(0,0,2,2),
1:Rectangle(3,3,2,2), 1:Rectangle(3,3,2,2),
2:Rectangle(5,5,2,2), 2:Rectangle(5,5,2,2),
3:Rectangle(7,7,2,2),} 3:Rectangle(7,7,2,2),}
data=[] data=[]
for i in range(0,1000): for i in range(0,n_samples):
label=i%4 label=i%4
rect=np.array(rectangles[label].add_noise()) rect=np.array(rectangles[label].add_noise())
rect_reshaped=np.reshape(rect,[1,100]) rect_reshaped=np.reshape(rect,[1,100])
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