Commit bf76266e authored by Philip Rinn's avatar Philip Rinn

Update citation file and vignette.

parent 556b1c50
2016-08-29 Philip Rinn <>
* Tag as version 1.2
* Update vignette to meet the published version of the paper
* Update citation file
2016-06-01 Philip Rinn <>
* Add bug tracker and homepage
Package: Langevin
Type: Package
Title: Langevin Analysis in One and Two Dimensions
Version: 1.1.1
Date: 2015-11-03
Version: 1.2
Date: 2016-08-29
Authors@R: c(person('Philip', 'Rinn', email='',
role=c('aut','cre')), person('Pedro G.', 'Lind', role='aut'),
person('David', 'Bastine', role='ctb'))
year <- sub("-.*", "", meta$Date)
note <- sprintf("R package version %s", meta$Version)
header = "To cite the 'Langevin' package in publications use:",
bibtype = "Manual",
key = "Rinn2015",
title = "Langevin Analysis in One and Two Dimensions",
author = c(person('Philip', 'Rinn', role=c('aut','cre')),
person('Pedro G.', 'Lind', role='aut'),
person('David', 'Bastine', role='ctb')),
year = year,
note = note,
url = "")
bibtype = "Article",
key = "Rinn2016",
title = "The Langevin Approach: An R Package for Modeling Markov Processes",
author = c(person('Philip', 'Rinn'),
person('Pedro G.', 'Lind'),
person('Matthias', 'Wächter'),
person("Joachim", "Peinke")),
journal = "Journal of Open Research Software",
year = 2016,
number = 1,
pages = "e34",
volume = 4,
doi = "10.5334/jors.123",
issn = "2049-9647",
publisher = "Ubiquity Press")
header = "To cite the 'Langevin Approach' in publications use:",
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