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Don't strip libraries

parent f8751b9a
2021-10-19 Philip Rinn <>
* Tag as version 1.3.1
* Don't strip libraries, CRAN doesn't like it
2021-10-18 Philip Rinn <>
* Tag as version 1.3.0
* Langevin1D: add option to use the kernel based Nadaraya-Watson estimator
Package: Langevin
Type: Package
Title: Langevin Analysis in One and Two Dimensions
Version: 1.3.0
Date: 2021-10-18
Version: 1.3.1
Date: 2021-10-19
Authors@R: c(person('Philip', 'Rinn', email='',
role=c('aut','cre')), person('Pedro G.', 'Lind', role='aut'),
person('David', 'Bastine', role='ctb'))
......@@ -2,9 +2,3 @@ CXX_STD = CXX11
# Strip libraries when possible as they are quite huge
strippedLib: $(SHLIB)
if test -e "/usr/bin/strip"; then /usr/bin/strip --strip-debug $(SHLIB); fi
.phony: strippedLib
## With R 3.1.0 or later, you can uncomment the following line to tell R to
## enable compilation with C++11 (where available)
## Also, OpenMP support in Armadillo prefers C++11 support. However, for wider
## availability of the package we do not yet enforce this here. It is however
## recommended for client packages to set it.
## And with R 3.4.0, and RcppArmadillo 0.7.960.*, we turn C++11 on as OpenMP
## support within Armadillo prefers / requires it
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