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### Langevin Analysis in One and Two Dimensions
The [Langevin package]( provides R
functions to estimate drift and diffusion functions from time series and
generate synthetic time series from given drift and diffusion coefficients.
### Documentation
The package ships a pdf vignette.
Additional documentation is available as a paper on
[arXiv]( (corresponding to the vignette) see
'citation("Langevin")' for details.
### Examples
The help files for each function contain usage examples, additionally the
package repository ships a
with examples that reproduce the figures from the vignette.
### Installation
Released and tested versions of the Langevin package are available at
[CRAN]( and can be installed from within R via
The development version of Langevin can be installed from within R via
### Authors
Philip Rinn, Pedro G. Lind and David Bastine
### License
GPL (>= 2)
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