Commit 1f614197 authored by Philip Rinn's avatar Philip Rinn
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Fix documentation: eD2 is not implemented for Langevin2D

parent f9f013d3
......@@ -32,9 +32,6 @@
#' the second \code{bins} x \code{bins} elements define the diffusion
#' \eqn{D^{(2)}_{22}} and the rest define the diffusion
#' \eqn{D^{(2)}_{12} = D^{(2)}_{21}}.}
#' @return \item{eD2}{a tensor with all estimated errors of the driffusion
#' coefficient. Dimension is \code{bins} x \code{bins} x 3. Same expression as
#' above.}
#' @return \item{mean_bin}{a matrix of the mean value per \code{bin}.
#' Dimension is \code{bins} x \code{bins} x 2. The first
#' \code{bins} x \code{bins} elements define the mean for the first variable
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