Commit a568ba1e authored by R.W.Majeed's avatar R.W.Majeed
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new CDA XPATH constants

parent 89872db5
......@@ -40,4 +40,12 @@ public class CDAConstants {
public static final String XPATH_CDA_PATIENT_ID_EXT = "/cda:ClinicalDocument/cda:recordTarget/cda:patientRole/cda:id/@extension";
* XPath to CDA encounter root.
public static final String XPATH_CDA_ENCOUNTER_ID_ROOT = "/cda:ClinicalDocument/cda:componentOf/cda:encompassingEncounter/cda:id[0]/@root";
* XPath to CDA encounter id extension.
public static final String XPATH_CDA_ENCOUNTER_ID_EXT= "/cda:ClinicalDocument/cda:componentOf/cda:encompassingEncounter/cda:id[0]/@extension";
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