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......@@ -24,10 +24,11 @@ import;
* Test the template transformations from CDA to EAV-XML. Multiple template ids
* and AKTIN modules are supported.
* <p>
* For standalone transformation testing, go to the repository folder {@code dwh-import}
* and build all child modules with {@code mvn clean install}.<br/>
* For standalone transformation testing, build the {@code cda-import} module
* with {@code mvn clean install}. When needed, run the build command from the
* parent directory.<br/>
* When the build ist complete, the transformation can be tested with
* a command line application. E.g. from within the {@code target/} directory:
* a command line application. E.g. from within the {@code cda-import/target/} directory:
* <pre>
* java -classpath "test-classes;classes;dependencies/*" org.aktin.cda.etl.TestTransformToEAV "../../cda-validation/src/main/resources/Additional Examples/basismodul-beispiel-storyboard01-complete.xml"
* </pre>
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