Commit 4a93e222 authored by R.W.Majeed's avatar R.W.Majeed
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method added to extract encounter id

parent b69b2588
......@@ -98,6 +98,20 @@ public class CDAParser {
(String)xee.evaluate(cda.getDocumentElement(), XPathConstants.STRING)
* Find the encounter id for a given CDA document
* @param cda CDA document
* @return two part encounter id: root, extension
* @throws XPathExpressionException XPath error
public String[] extractEncounterId(Document cda) throws XPathExpressionException{
XPathExpression xer = xpath.compile(CDAConstants.XPATH_CDA_ENCOUNTER_ID_ROOT);
XPathExpression xee = xpath.compile(CDAConstants.XPATH_CDA_ENCOUNTER_ID_EXT);
return new String[]{
(String)xer.evaluate(cda.getDocumentElement(), XPathConstants.STRING),
(String)xee.evaluate(cda.getDocumentElement(), XPathConstants.STRING)
* Find the document id for a given CDA document. It should be globally
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