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<!-- this is only needed for generating sequence diagrams
for the documentation -->
Kommunikation zwischen AKTIN-Komponenten
Kommunikation über das Internet
![UML Diagramm][outside_comm]
[outside_comm]: plantuml/outside-communication.png "Kommunikation über das Internet"
participant "Emergency Room" as ER
box "AKTIN Data Warehouse"
participant "CDA Interface" as CDA
database Database
end box
ER->CDA : CDA Document
CDA->Database : De-identified data
\ No newline at end of file
box "Hospital"
actor "Emergency Room" as ER
participant "AKTIN Data Warehouse" as DWH
end box
participant "AKTIN Broker" as Broker
actor "Epidemiologist" as Epi
actor Researcher
ER->DWH : Emergency note records
DWH->Broker : ask for query requests
Broker->DWH : new query request
DWH->ER : notification
ER->DWH : new request verified
DWH->DWH : perform query
DWH->ER : result notification
ER->DWH : result verified
DWH->Broker : submit results
...waiting for results from other hospitals...
Broker->Epi : complete results
Epi->Epi : performs analysis
Epi->Researcher : analysis results
Epi->Researcher : k-anonymized Data set
\ No newline at end of file
<menu name="Communication">
<item href="communication.html" name="Communication" />
<menu ref="reports" inherit="top" />
<menu ref="modules" />
<menu ref="parent" />
\ No newline at end of file
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