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<project xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="">
<name>AKTIN : DWH API</name>
<!-- unit tests -->
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import java.nio.file.Path;
* Interface for reports.
* A report specifies (1) which data should be extracted, (2) one or more R scripts
* to execute with the extracted data and (3) transformation scripts to generate
* PDF or HTML reports.
* @author R.W.Majeed
public interface Report {
* Get the report name
* @return report name
String getName();
* Get concept names which are guaranteed to occur only once per encounter.
* These concepts will be included in the generated encounter data table.
* @return concept IDs
String[] getEncounterConcepts();
* Get concepts names which may repeat in a given encounter. For each
* of these concepts, a separate data table will be generated.
* @return concept IDs
String[] getRepeatingConcepts();
* Copies all scripts and resource needed for the Rscript invocation
* to the specified working directory. The file names of all copied
* resources are returned on exit.
* @param workingDirectory working directory for the R invocation.
* @return file names of the copied resources. The first element of the
* returned array is the main script that should be run to generate
* the report resource.
* @throws IOException IO error. No files were copied.
String[] copyResourcesForR(Path workingDirectory)throws IOException;
* Copies all transformation scripts needed for the XML-FO transformation
* to generate a PDF report to the specified working directory.
* @param workingDirectory for the Apache FOP invocation
* @return files names of copied resources. At least two files must
* be returned: First element the XML input file and second element
* is the XSL file.
* @throws IOException IO error. No files were copied.
String[] copyResourcesForFOP(Path workingDirectory)throws IOException;
* Read static resource for web reports. Static resources are independent
* of any generated report data. E.g. css, images, javascript files
* @param path to the static resource
* @return input stream or {@code null} if the resource is not available
InputStream readStaticWebResource(String path);
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